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  12. anyone need a forward sub?
  13. Chi rec player speaks out about safety concerns and gets banned for life.
  14. Charity Hockey Series, August 2014 - Ice & Roller Pickup Games in Southern California
  15. Pasadena Maple Leafs 50th Gala Dinner (Guest Speaker Daryl Evans/Silent Auction)
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  18. The Airblade - Interesting new stick design
  19. ducks hosting girls try hockey day Oct 12th, national give hockey a try day Nov 8
  20. ducks equipment sale is tomorrow
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  22. Icetown Carlsbad Bronze/Copper anyone?
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  36. Ducks to build new training facility for AHL Gulls in Poway (East San Diego).
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  38. Study: Many Hockey Helmets Unsafe
  39. Hockey rink in norcal shuttered by devoloper so they can build a box store
  40. Anyone here play goalie on ice?
  41. LA Kings High School Hockey League
  42. Adult Clinic & Pick Up roll call thread
  43. LA Kings Jersey Blank Sets from the Purple and Black Era
  44. Ducks equipment sale is this Saturday, July 18
  45. Sub goalie needed 7/26 @ 12:20
  46. 3rd Annual Charity Hockey Series ( Ice & Roller Games) ALL AUGUST!
  47. Hockey Hall of Fame.
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  55. Zero
  56. Bobby Ryan v.s. Beer Leaguers!
  57. Icetown Riverside Bronze team
  58. Try Hockey for free dates 2016-2017 announced
  59. Looking for a few more skaters for the 3v3 tourney Sun 10/9 in Vegas
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  61. Need two goalies for 12/21 and 12/28
  62. Gulls Sale in Poway Sunday June 18th
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  65. Kings and ASEC acquire Pickwick
  66. Happy New Year
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  68. Times are tough, people bitching and complaining, Impeachment, Kings suck...
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