View Full Version : Long wait time for pages to load

February 6th, 2016, 07:46 AM
I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but for the last week it seems to take a very long time for each operation be it logging in to going forum thread to forum thread. Many times it takes so long I get the pop up window asking me if I want to wait or kill the action.
I am a member of Team LGK so I don't think it is a delay while adds are loading.
I have had this happen using both Google Chrome & Firefox.

February 6th, 2016, 06:30 PM
Too much pron?

I periodically get a lag but havent recently

February 12th, 2016, 05:14 PM
I was thinkijng it might be the ads but you have team LGk so I'm not sure. Try resetting your modem. Maybe that will help.