OK, I have heard Hipcheck praising the BEEF PALACE butcher shop in Huntington Beach for nearly a decade and I finally went over there this morning. My local Ralph's (on 3rd and Orizaba) and Vons (near Belmont Pier) are being renovated, so it means I have to get in the car and go for a drive for some fresh carnage anyways, so what the heck . . . Warner Blvd it is, and the Legendary Beef Palace.

Upon exiting my vehicle I noticed two giant cows in front of the establishment, letting me know that these guys mean business. When you swing the doors open, you are greeted by a small shop the is almost wall to wall glass with cuts of meat and chicken on display. Just one glance across the various slabs and I could tell that this was quality beef with beautiful marbling and perfect color. Each steak is well trimmed and ready for the grill. I'm afraid to find out the priice for a steak.

After thorough inspection, I decided on a beautiful PRIME filet mignon that was calling to me through the glass. I asked "How much for that one" and cringed, waiting for the price. The butcher held it up and took a guess and then weighed it, missing by a few cents, $11.37. I was pleased after paying $35 for a PRIME prime rib last week at Bristol Farms.

He asked if I wanted it seasoned and I figured with beef like this at these prices that I had better try their dry rub and answered. "Sure!".

So I threw it on the grill with the obligitory asparagus and I have to say it was the best steak I have ever had!! Their dry rub tasted like BBQ potato chips and the steak was so tender that I was in carnivore heaven. The texture was incredible!

So here's a big THANKS to everyone who has been pimping this place, especially Hipcheck. The prices are great, the meat is the BEST, the atmosphere is AWESOME and the dry rub is pure PWNAGE!

I can't wait to try the tri-tip that I also picked up! Guess that will have to wait till tomorrow. I'll be a regular here from now on!!!!

This thing is 2 inches thick!


Oh yeah, I'm not real quick at making my mind up and I have to admit that the service in this place is incredible. During the 2 minutes that I was scanning the different offerings behind the glass I must have been asked 5 times if I needed any help or had any questions. This place is first class all the way with a real hometown atmosphere.