The wife and I recently celebrated an anniversary and wanted to go out and do something special. We have a friend who has eaten at almost every high end place in OC and swore about a restaurant that we needed to try. We thought about steak and seafood places but after reading some reviews of other places and the place she recommended we figured what the heck and tried it.

Marche Moderne is in south coast plaza on the 3rd floor in the rich part of the mall. It wasnt cheap...4 glasses of wine, a salad, 2 appetizers, and desert came to well over a hundred books but- it was completely worth it.

Our server was knowledgable and recomended a couple of good wines. Forgot what the white was but the red was a meritage Audelssa Summit from Sonoma that was fantastic. The others were good as well but this one in particular was very very good and paired well with our food.

The salad was good, loaded with hearts of palm, avocado, ham, and imported salami in a light airy but flavorful vinagrette.

Next we ordered the cheese assortment. The cheese was clearly top shelf but what made it extra special was all cheeses were served with warm baguette, honeycomb, fig paste, and candied pecans. It was simply a gourmet cant miss as every combination was astounding.

Next we order the Bacon Tarte which was actually a hand tossed small pizza with gorgonzola, creme freshe, carmelized onion, and sweet gourment bacon that had a smoky maple overtone and pancetta type texture. It almost reminded me of creamy french onion soup pizza.

Finally our desert was a Pineapple Puree topped with white chocolate macademia ice cream and served with 3 hot pastrys rolled in vanilla sugar and cinnamon. Seriously good-maybe the top desert I have ever eaten.

At the end of the day I left with the idea this isnt a place you go to eat-this is a place you go savor. Everything was top notch and while pricey-the upper echelon food quality made it all worth while. If I had the money I would go here weekly if not monthly. They have a rotating menu which means everything is basically seasonal and open to availability which you would expect.

If you want the highest quality food you could ever ask for-this is the place to go.

Marché Moderne | A modern French bistro in the heart of Orange County | 714-434-7900

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