Carl's Jr
Tried one of these Big Carl's today for lunch. To which I have this to say,

Big Carl = big meh

When I saw the commercial last night, I wanted to eat one. I love Carl's Jr's food. There are very few things on the menu that I'm not a fan of. When I unwrapped the burger, I thought it was going to be good. Three bites into it I wanted to eat something else. There was too much meat on it. I know it sounds wierd, but there was. There was too much cheese as well. The sauce was at best OK, and there were no onions on it. Looks similar to the Big Mac, but it doesn't taste anything like it.
If they were going to compete with the Big Mac, they should have had taste tests to see which one tasted better. It would have been painfully clear that the new burger missed the mark on drawing Big Mac fans to CJ's.
I doubt I will spend the $2 on this burger again. If I want to eat a Big Mac I will.
Carl's should stick to what they do best, putting hot chicks in bikinis eating burgers. Not making food that is poor competition to an iconic classic.