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    So... for the last 6 months or so, a group of family and friends have been getting together on Saturday Nights and we rotate w one person doing the cooking, and the spouse/partner choosing the entertainment... just a great way for everyone to get together and have a great meal and some great fun together... we started with a bunch of rules ala Top Chef quickfires, but have kind of let them slip in the spirit of "just make a good meal"

    So far, ive been using my nights to work my way thru Top Chef recipe's that looked good, or happened to win on the show... I always end up doing twice the cooking as everyone else and have had peaks and valleys, ive made the consensus BEST meal so far and although everyone was nice about it... i know ive made one of the worst as well...(DAMN YOU SPIKE!)

    So, ive decided to move away from the Top Chef inspiration and just go freestyle... I figured, theres got to be some aspiring chefs, or at least some damn good cooks in here....

    So, Let me have it...

    Delicious recipe's that serve 6-8, plate/visual appeal counts... but nowhere near as important as flavor...

    Hit me with your best shots, im in the kitchen this Saturday... and need to top the Braised Short Ribs, Gnochi, Citrus Arugala salad I served last time..

    Thanks LGK'ers...

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