No, Im not talking about eating disorder, "I weight 400 lbs and I dont know why!" crap. I'm talking about things you just can't live without.

I have a unhealthy addiction to a Jersey Mike's Giant#6 Roast Beef and Provolone sub w/everything on it. I have one once a week now after having 2 a week for about 2 years. Im recovering I think.

I also have a habit of drinking too much Starbucks. In the summer months I destroy a Venti Mocha Frapp every afternoon. In the winter months its a Extra Hot Triple Venti Latte...once and sometime twice a day. My wife is worse. She drinks between 2 and 3 Grande Nonfat Latte's a day, 365.

I need something , anything every few days with shoyu and wasabi in it. Sushi, Sashimi, Manapua, blackened Ahi, Mandoo, Dim Sum...etc. ANYTHING.

Not really addicted to sweets or deserts like a bunch of people. I tend to drink my sugars.

What are your food addictions?