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  • Rachael Ray

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  • Paula Deen

    16 17.78%
  • Bobby Flay

    18 20.00%
  • Alton Brown

    9 10.00%
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    Default FoodTV poll: Most annoying: Rachael Rae, Paula Deen, Bobby Flay or Alton Brown?

    FoodTV has gone WAY downhill in my book, but one thing will never change: Hosts/hostesses that you can't stand. One can easily make a compelling argument for all four above, so it boils down to personal taste and tolerance. Here's my tale of the tape if you care to read it:

    RACHAEL RAY. I'll admit that when "30 minute meals" first came on I liked her. She was cute, bubbly, and didn't have the attitude of a star. Just seemed like "the girl next door". But..... as her looks became gradually more hoochie-mama her personality followed. I only watched her screetch-fest TV show on CBS for two horrifying minutes but that was more than enough to know that she's officially graduated Summa Cum Laude of A.U. (Annoying University).

    . See above post. I liked her first show, she was kind of sweet, charming and novel in that "my southern aunt" kinda way, but WHAT THE **** with "Paula's Party"? Ms. blotto had it on one day in the background and after 10 minutes of "y'alls", self-absorbed stupid stories, bragging on her fat annoying sons, and that hyena laugh I wanted to ram flaming shish-kabobs in my ears and carve out my eyes with jagged rusted melon ballers. That was 2 months ago and the scars STILL linger. I may in fact be damaged for life.

    M'man BOBBY FLAY. Though he's clearly got "little man, little pecker" and other perhaps father-driven psychological issues from childhood (throw in the red hair and freckles for good measure and extra attention from schoolyard bullies) I actually kind of like him. I put him in here because I'm sure that like Ms. blotto many of you don't. Annoying? HELL YES. Belong in this group? HELL YES. So slot him in accordance with your tastes.

    And last but not least, good ol' ALTON BROWN. Oh where to begin. First off, Good Eats is one of my favorite shows. It's very well conceived, informative, imaginative, and kinda cool for those of us who are fascinated by the scientific aspects of things. But a 30 minute dose of AB is almost too much. JUST as you're reaching your limit of him--the show mercifully ends. In real life I'm guessing mr. Brown has very few friends. Who could stand to be around such a pompous, anal, know-it-all, self-absorbed, psuedo-intellect weenie such as he? Not I, and most likely not you. And what's with the tweed sport coat with elbow patches????? I thought only people with advanced educational degrees were awarded the right to be that lame. Oh yeah... I didn't watch much of it for the reasons set forth above, but tell me that when he fell over on his motorcycle in that road show and broke his collarbone that his crew WEREN'T a little tickled. I don't wish physical harm on anyone, but karma, baby. Karma.

    So who gets my vote? Had to go with Paula, based solely on Paula's Party. Truly the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. If I ever need to torture someone "A Clockwork Orange" style, that will be my instrument of terror.

    Anyone I skipped that you think should've been included? Write-ins are accepted so feel free to add who or what you wish.
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