Was at Costco earlier today in Irvine and they had one of my favorite wines at $14.99 a bottle.

Ghost Pines Cabernet

For 15 bucks this is really a bargain for a Cab at this price point. If I had the money and a place to store it-totally not unreasonable to pick up a case. Its got a very balance of fruit and oak and trust me I have paid more and gotten much less. I would say given a blind tasting most would say this was a 30-40 dollar bottle.

For the record-they also carry this at Total Wine for the same price and don't quote but maybe even give the 6 wine bottle discount so that may even be a better option but given the amount of Costcos in the US I would be remiss if I didn't mention this to my friends in blog and hockey land.

For the record-I am pleased to announce that doing a google image search for "ghost pines cab" shows results of pics from my blog! I guess I'm moving up in the wine blogging world. Now if only producers would send me free bottles to rate and review I would really be on cloud 9....or "croud" nice as my wife might say.

On that same note-if anyone knows of a sub 10 dollar home run value please share. With the economy the way it is a bottle of Ghost Pines may as well be Opus 1.