I, like many of you are on a budget. The budget is tight one week and a little lax the next. So I have been trying to find places where I can get a good bite and/or drink, without breaking the piggy bank to do so. I use Yelp and Urbanspoon as much as the rest of you iPhone/Android/Palm/CrackBerry users do. I just want to know where your favorite spots to get a good inexpensive breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight munchies, happy hour or cocktail.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Lunch: El Pollo Loco- I get 3 bean-rice-cheese burritos for $3.29. Throw in some salsa and wash it down with a cup of water and I’m golden. I know this is super cheap, but the food ain’t bad and it’s close to where I work.

Happy Hour: Il Fornaio- $5 glass of wine and $5 fradiovola pizza. Three glasses of wine and a pizza for $20 is pretty darn good.

Dinner: Wahoo’s- Banzai Bowl is awesome at $8. Throw in two BOMs (Beer Of the Month) at $2 each, and you’re out for under $15 with a little “401K Plan” for the skater guy manning the register.

Cocktail (beer): Old 35’er in Pasadena- Bought a pitcher of Stella (I think… I was a little drunk after drinking it, so this one’s a little hazy) a little over a month ago here for $8. Left $2 for the gal pouring the suds. The bonus, they were playing a Kings game and a random guy starts talking puck with me. Good times!

Late Night Happy Hour: Barney’s Limited (Pasadena)- After a long night slingin’ cheese for the good folks of Pasadena, me and a few buddies like to toss a few light beers back after the shift. $2 pints and the food ain’t that bad for a bar. You can get a pretty decent veggie burger (… I don’t know the price though) here. Sometimes the bartender comps a drink or two. Nice.

Pre-Kings Game Watering Hole: La Grane Orange Cafe at Del Mar Station- the last time I was here well drinks were $3. THREE FRIGGIN DOLLARS!!1! One can get gooooooood and tanked and just hop onto the Gold Line to get to the game. Sober up a bit on the way down to the game and nurse the $20 beer at the Stapler.

So kiddies, I want to know your favorites.