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    Default I've got Pork Shoulders Marinating!!

    OK, so I got 5 half porkshoulders (about 27 lbs.) tonight for a Libra-Ween (long story) party for Saturday. Injected each with about 12-18 crushed cloves of garlic and am marinating them in a combinatinon of melted butter, virgin olive oil, lemon pepper, a touch of sea salt, more garlic (an additional 32+ cloves!!!) and of course, a nice dose of Jim Beam!!

    Will turn them over before work tomorrow, go about my business....take them out of the fridge around midnight tomorrow, throw them covered in the oven around 5am at 210 until 10am. Transport them and smoke 'em for another 5 hours at around 225, squirting with apple juice at EVERY cover opening.

    An additional suggestions?

    I'll try to take some pictures but have never posted any pictures online. Any suggestions for that?

    BTW, this is meant for pulled pork sandwiches with a thin slice of red onion and a touch of KC Materpiece cut 50/50 with apple cider vinegar.

    Any thoughts/additional advice?
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