Greetings from the frosty GWN!

I'm sure they've been brought-up 50 times in 50 different threads here by now (and search failed to yield any results), but I have good news for Ketchup chip lovers:

Old Dutch Baked Ketchup chips... exist! Where have they been hiding since October (where Google dates them to)? Maybe in a snowbank?

I bought a bag today @ Safeway (quite small for a "large" bag @ only 200g) and they are awesome!

Taste more Ketchup-y than usual because of the manufactured style of the baked chip. Being baked, they have a bit thicker cut and are more crunchy that a normal Lays/OD chip. These are now my favorite Ketchup chips!

I also spotted/bought a bag of "Goodness" brand (@ Walmart) kettle style Ketchup chips earlier this week. I'm not sure how the word "Ketchup" made it on the bag as the taste was quite weak. Tasted like a BBQ chip with no spice, and not really ketchup at all. Disappointing.
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