Im trying to gear my family into eating a little better so we've taken the plunge into organic produce and products. Easy enough between the farmers market, Henry's Market and Trader Joes. After doing a little research (and being absolutely disgusted by what Ive found), Ive decided to try to cut down on meat consumption. Since Mr. Ruely got really pissed at that idea (carnivores!), I really would like to only purchase kosher proteins.

Just one problem.

I'm in the 909 (yeah yeah, trailers, toothless, meth labs, blah blah blah...) and I cant find a Kosher butcher to save my life. Im willing to drive a short distance (OC maybe??) and stock up if need be, but I come to you LGK Foodies...

know any places? got any ideas?

My husbands future dinners thank you.