I never cared about learning to cook. Mom always cooked great meals, in college I lived off of microwave dinners and when I got married my wife took care of me. A few months ago my wife found herself being tired all the time and we found out she was pregnant. Naturally, I had to start doing more things around the house so she could rest.

I decided that at 31 I was going to learn how to cook so I could actually help out my tired wife. I looked for cooking schools and they were all super expensive. One class was like 250 bucks for 3 classes. I didn’t want to be a chef, I just wanted to learn the basics. I looked around and found a website, Learn How To Cook | (and eat your mistakes)!, in which Chef David James Robinson teaches you the basics on a set of DVDs.

I dropped the 50 bucks and a couple of weeks ago started learning to cook. This series has tons of good information and I am definitely glad that now I can actually look at a recipe and make something edible. It’s not like I had this untapped talent in the kitchen, heck, I once burned Cup O’Noodles because I forgot to put water in it. So if anyone would rather have a set of DVDs of good instruction instead of paying a couple hundred bucks for a couple of classes, go ahead and give it a go.