So this is more of a confession then a suggestion, but here it goes:

So given the current economic state and the fact i work in construction-- my buddies and i have started drinking Pabst, or PBR as we refer to it in short. Considering its pretty much half of the now overpriced (imo) domestic beers which never seem to go on sale anymore, its really not a terrible beer.

I still enjoy my 'good' beers down at the local pub every now and again when i can spare the cash or if i wonna splurge on a sixer of something else, but for a beer just to drink in a party/kickback setting or while hanging around looking to get a good buzz on while watching the game i give it a thumbs up.

What sad days these are indeed.

As a matter of fact i recall seeing on yahoo that Pabst sales have risen significantly since the economic downturn. So apparently im not the only sap in this boat lol.

What about you guys? Is the economy affecting your beer drinking, or liquor if youre not a beer drinker?