I was introduced to Pho while doing some contract work in Laguna Hills a few months ago. A place called Pho 89 in Lake Forest served me my first taste of this rice noodle soup.

I got rare beef. It was paper thin and raw wrapped in plastic wrap. They gave me a bag full of rice noodles, and another bag with bean sprouts, Asian basil, jalapenos, lime, siriacha hot sauce, and a big boiling bowl of broth. Never having tried Vietnamese food before, I was so pleasantly surprised by this self mixed soup. I'm hooked. A place opened up in Foothill Ranch called Masion de Pho that I've gone to a few times since, but I keep getting the same thing, the rare beef.

Anybody have suggestions for other types of meat? Oxtail? I've never tried fish sauce, would that be good mixed in?

I'm sure I could find a more "authentic" place in Little Saigon (Westminster/HB), any suggestions? Other locations?