So I had heard about this place for a long time. Now I respect a good frozen yogurt as much as the next person, but to wait in line for like an hour was a bit much for me. When I saw they finally had opened locations other than the one in WeHo, I decided to give it a gander.

I can only say one thing...overrated. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but I certainly would not wait more than 10 minutes in line for it and it practically broke my bank account it was so pricey. I think this place is hot now, but its exapnding too much so the magic of "discovering" it will be gone. I remember Penguins Yogurt was hot in the 80's here in LA and now most of them have closed save for a few. Then in the 90's it was Krispy Kreme. Dare I say the parallel for the Oughties is Pinkberry? I dare.