I have been thinking about this for some time and I wanted to share my thoughts.
A while back when I worked at a pizza place, a person said to me that “ranch dressing can go on anything”. So intrigued with the challenge I thought about it as I was serving the table. There were only a few things that I could come up with that it really had no business being associated with, but ultimately could be eaten with (although not very pleasantly). Ranch dressing isn’t tasty with sushi, cereal, ice cream/frozen yogurt and other sweets. Ranch’s strong points are with side orders like french fries and fried zucchini. You can put it on pizza, but then aren’t you kinda bringing sand to the beach? I mean pizza kicks ass by itself, so why **** with it? I don’t. The same can be said about burgers. As a dressing, I’m okay with it. I’m more a balsamic vinaigrette guy, or bleu cheese every once in a while, but I digress.
The main thing that ranch dressing lacks is heat. And for that, Del Scorcho has it in spades. I believe that Del Scorcho has more applications than ranch dressing, but I want your opinion on this. I think Del Scorcho is waaaaaaaaay better on fries and fried zucchini (I grab handfuls (have you seen my hands? they’re enormous) of the stuff when I go to Del Taco), and it can be added to things like eggs which ranch can’t.

So, what do all the LGK Food Court faithful believe?
Am I retarted and that ranch pwns Del Scorcho?
Or am I the ****ing man, and I’m the first to break away from the monopoly that ranch dressing has in the condiment world?