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BJ's Pizza & Brewery...

I used to love this place. I would eat there all the time and partake in the brews as well about 10 years back. Then I started working for the company. You might say I'm jaded because of the mental trauma I received while working there, I say nay (well maybe a little). I loved the beer and the food for the first two years, then the company was sold to Jacmar. Jacmar is a food service distribution company, so naturally they would use their own product at the restaurant. Well their stuff sucked ****ing ****ty donkey ****s! Then the company expanded waaaaaay too fast. Which was quickly followed by the even further decline in food quality as well as service (your's truly excluded of course). Then the beer took a crap. They started doing contract brewing and stopped making beer at the Brea location. So sad.

So to recap:
Jaded... party of one
Change in ownership=change in restaurant culture/philosophy
Decline in food quality
Expanded too fast
Further decline in food quality & service
Contract brewing

BJ's... what good times we had... a decade ago
I agree. Went to one of the new locations in Laguna Nigel and it sucked some major ass. The pizza was salty, service was slow, and the beer was just meh (I was never a big fan of their beer before, and to go down from there...)