The family is out of town so Psychopuck and I went out boozing on friday and decided to get a breakfast burrito in the AM.

We did a quick search and found some reviews and this one in particular cracked us up regarding Little Burrito Jr.

The lady at the window was impatient. Apparently you can build your own breakfast burrito here, and not many people ask for recommendations. I did, and after some heavy sighing, she suggested I try the chorizo and egg burrito.

So with that in mind we figured we try this place. We get there at 9:30AM the sign says Cerrado(closed). We get a chuckle and indeed the door to enter the location is locked. We walk a bit further to the walk up window and right at the closed window we see a women talking on the phone. I walk up to the window a few feet away from this lady hoping to get some type of response. Im thinking maybe she say "Sorry were closed until 10) or better yet "Were just opening so give us a couple of minutes" or maybe even "why can I get you?"

But we got none of fact the women sat talking on the phone looking at me with a stupid look on her face. After the initital couple of moments I realized this women wasnt going to give us any info so I decided to see how long she would simply look at me from the window while talking on the phone. Sure enough after a couple of minutes she finally hangs up the phone and then walks away!

After reading the OC Registers review above I couldnt help but think how comical the whole incident was. We chuckled and walked down to Nicks.

We got in and got our order placed fairly quickly which was good because after we ordered it was a nonstop flow of people. There were tons of call in orders...much more then walk in orders. And the burrito was very very good. I ordered extra cheese only to find it was completely unnecessary as the standard burrito comes with plenty of cheese. Its a low key kind of place that is making a killing as the food is really good and there were plenty of locals there.

Anyhow thats my story....a Tale of Two Businesses-one successful, and one not so successful for obvious reasons.