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Thread: Some of the people at Bevmo are idiots....

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    Default Some of the people at Bevmo are idiots....

    So gescom told me about the Domaine Chandon Pinot the other day, and his taste in wines is impeccable, so I swung by there to grab a couple of bottles yesterday. I bought the last 2 on the shelf.

    We had also talked about a Pinot Meunier they bottle, so I asked the kid if they had it. He wasn't sure so he found me their "Wine Buyer". The guy sat there for 30 minutes arguing with me about the fact that they use that grape to make sparkling wines, they don't bottle it on its own. I keep explaining that I've been on their website, that its won awards, and I've been able to find it on the net, yet he still keeps arguing with me that it DOESN'T exist.

    Hey dumbass, its right HERE!

    And I can buy it online RIGHT HERE!

    WTF do people do that?
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