My family and I am coming to town and my Dad, who lives in Redondo, always says he knows the latest and greatest places down in the South Bay to grub.

Unfortunately for us he always takes us to the places my step mother likes.

This is utterly PAINFUL for my wife and I because she has the absolute WORST palette on earth. Let's put it this way, she thinks cooking tacos is a gourmet home cooked affair. But I digress.

I know restaurants are always opening and closing so things that I may have liked when I lived there or last visited could be gone. Always good to have input from those that live there on a day to day basis.

So I need to know from my HIGHLY intelligent and informed friends of LGK where is the all the best places to eat in the Redondo/Hermosa/Manhattan/Torrance areas.

The following categories must be covered but I am open to suggestions as well.

- Sit down burgers ( I know In N Out obviosuly) heard about BFD, Buffalo Fire Department in Torrance?

- Mexican (this should be interesting)

- Pizza

- Sushi

- Italian

- Fish/Upscale

- Steak/Upscale

- Subs/Sandwiches

- Dessert (for our little guy and my wife, the sugar heads)

This will be a huge help when my dad says that dreaded question aloud:

"What do you want to do about dinner sweetheart?"

Then I can cut the stepmother off and interject with a MUCH better suggestion!

My family and I thank you!