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Stone Bistro is dead to me. My wife called (while I was there) to make a reservation at Stone for my birhtday tomorrow. They would not take our reservation, asked that since we had a large group if we could at least be put on a waiting list so we would not have to wait as long. They would not accomodate us.

Eff Stone. We have a group of 16 that would have spent pretty good money that we'll now spend at BJ's. (I know their beer is not the same, the atmosphere and food are good) In the end, our group will save money by not paying for the overpriced overhyped Stone food.

Bummer to hear. I don't go there for the food. But the Sunday brunch menu has been very good the three times I have sampled from it. Hopefully A-Fros man can help fix some of the inconsistencies with the quality of the menu. I too have had some "not so good" food items there.