It was pretty cool, especially the free beer tasting. My favorite was the Smoked Porter. I bought a 2 liter growler of the stuff. I also tried the bistro. They had a Meatless Monday promo going on, which I know some people aren't in to but I don't mind the occasional vegetarian meal. Then I found out later after I had ordered that you could get the regular menu as well as the meatless one so I was pretty pissed & was about to tell them to cancel my order. But I looked at the menu & there wasn't anything better than what I had ordered, which was the Tempeh Shepherd's Pie. It was a lot better than I thought it would be, pretty good actually. Overall though, the menu is way overpriced & kind of froo-froo, so I probably won't go back, except for maybe appetizers at the bar. But I will be going back for the tour & to refill my growler.