A couple that come to mind for me....

Was at Frescas Mexican food here in OC. Theyve got the mixture of spicy carrots and peppers which I can generally handle. But tucked in amungst the jalapenos was one small orange habanero. I said what the hell and ate it only to experience the hottest burning sensation Ive ever felt....I described it as "Toe Curling" hot.

Tommy Burgers. With Tommys its always a crap shoot...sometimes the peppers are pretty mild almost pepperoncini spicy but sometime they pack a punch. Years ago I was with a buddy after some partying. He went and ordered the food and while he was in line I got a paper tray of the peppers. I ate 1 and this was a day they were semi spicey. He sits down with our food but forgot to get napkins. He gets up again to get napkins and I stuff 3 or 4 of these little peppers in his burger. He sits down and about to take a bite when I start feeling a bit bad so eat one more pepper and offer him one just to make it look like theyre not that hot. The pepper was in fact that hot and making the pepper stuffed burger story even better was my friend didnt think I did it but one of the cooks who he claimed "was giving him looks." lol

Anyhow, look forward to hearing some stories.