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    I heard the clams at the Bunny Ranch were very tasty in deed. You can butter the muffins and have a nice little peach for desert. The famundamyball cheese is delightful while the plumped pork sword smothered in underwear is always at the top of the menu...I also wanted to mention the pony baloney is tender while the pink tacos are a bit salty....They just opened a special smoking section for all you pole smokers and that menu includes a juicy rump roast, a standing spicy sausage and a doublenut throat lotiion to cool your thirst. If you just can't make up your mind on what you want, the buffet is a wonderful smorgesborg but cost a-lot more !!!!! Enjoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingsFanKat View Post
    Jack f***s me up! Well, have 2 big glasses of jack and coke between a margarita and a couple shots and a couple beers probably wasn't the best idea I've ever had...!

    My plan is to maintain a constant beer buzz for the 4 days....(well, 3 - gotta get back in one piece!)
    I don't think it was the Jacks that did it. I think it was every different kind of alcohol possible in just a few hours.....

    Maintaining a constant buzz through the long weekend in Vegas is my plan! And I'm sticking with beer. And jello shots of course.

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