I did a search in this forum and didn't see a thread dedicated to wine.

I'm not a big wine drinker, though I was known to be a wino as a child.

I'm usually just fine with a glass of "Two Buck Chuck" before bedtime, but after watching the movie "Sideways" a couple times, and appreciating it more than I did the one time I had seen it in the theater, I thought I'd start trying Pinot Noir, the wine most appreciated in the movie by the main character, Miles.

I haven't been impressed by the bottles I have sampled as of yet.
I guess the search for a bottle I appreciate continues.

The one bottle I did enjoy recently, was a 2003 J.W. Morris Shiraz.
Yes, it's cheap and probably on the same level as Chuck, but dammit I liked it.

Please contribute your experience with wine, varieties you like, bottles you appreciate, what to drink with what food, etc.