Hopefully I am not dupe posting on this but I am feeling too damn lazy today to search. Especially after expending so much energy supporting my beloved Kings during their King-Hell stomping of the Red Wings!

Anyway, I recently moved to Barker Block in downtown LA (90013) and a friend hipped me to this great sausage factory within walking distance of my new pad. Enter Wurstküche!

Wurstküche Home

I have no idea how I am supposed to keep my cholesterol in check with a place like this next to me. For starters, the place had a line coming out of it a block long... at 4:30pm on a Saturday! The menu consists of an enormous variety of fresh sausages, cooked up on a big grill, with your choice of caramelized onions, sweet/spicey grilled peppers or sauerkraut and a variety of mustards. The sausages ranged from traditional (bratwurst) to some damned exotic tubes of meat (rattlesnake and rabbit). All served up on a fresh baked bun.

To make matters better (or worse depending on how you look at it), their German and Belgian beer selection is possibly the best I have seen in these parts. And most of it on tap! This selection easily beats out many of the German restaurants I have eaten in LA, including the venerable Red Lion. I partook in several pints of Koestritzer Schwarzbier to help wash down the pile of pig, mustard and pickled cabbage.

An finally, they have a Belgian french fry stack that will knock your socks off! Big cut, crispy brown fries which I chose to compliment with a curry ketchup. Y.U.M!

Only downside I could find to this place is it is simply not big enough. It was jam packed and we had to wait a bit for a seat at a community table. But on the social upside we saw quite a few Kings fans after the big win today.

All in all this place gets a HUGE thumbs up from me and I recommend it if you dig sausages, fries and beer.

Also, you should eat there to help support the economy in my newly situated area of residence :D