Most people on LGK have no idea that I'm a writer. I've never told you about my published short stories. I can't say why. Maybe I wanted to be able to show you more. Or maybe I just wanted to stay focused on my (our) love for the Kings.

Well, now I have a novel, and it's out on Amazon for Kindle. It's an E-book. I opted to go this route after a huge literary agency showed interest and eventually passed on the novel. I might have gone the "print" route but the costs to me and to the buyer were way too high. I didn't want to charge people $15-$20. I just didn't feel it was fair. So as an E-book it's priced low, at $2.99, and while it's not selling like hotcakes, it is indeed selling.

Luckily, I've received one book review and it's a nice one. If you're a lover of books, please check out the novel. I know LGK has many, many members who read, so I wanted to let everyone know. You can read the first four chapters free when you go to Amazon. If you like it, buy it. If not, don't.

I understand that reading likes and dislikes are subjective. I just wanted my LGK friends to know what the hell I was up to outside of bleeding Kings. Here are the links, and thanks for your time!

- So Sumi (Mark)

Mark Sumioka’s The Threshold of Insult: the things we do for love | Scholars and Rogues | Progressive Culture

LINK TO NOVEL ON AMAZON: The Threshold of Insult eBook: Mark Sumioka: Kindle Store