Had a fun time yesterday....

My bro and I were thinking about getting tix to the blues festival and then took it a step further to see if we could get a camp site. the day before the show a handful of cancellations happened with 1 site close to side of the beach the festival was taking place in. We get there around 3 and set up the site and you could hear the music very clearly. Not quite as good as being in the festival but good enough to hear the songs and know what songs were being played.

So Fogerty starts playing at 7 right as we're cooking hotdogs for the kids and I just couldnt help but think how great it was to be camping at the beach while hearing Fogerty play all of his tunes live for us.

Talked to our neighbor before the show and he informed us that the festival is done with wristbands so you can go in and out of the festival as often as you like and for those camping they even have a bike valet where you can check your bike in and out to ride back and forth between the campsites and the concert.

Next year I will plan accordingly to spend the whole weekend...for the price, the ease, the relaxation factor, etc etc it cant be beat. Wish I could have been there the previous night to see/hear the Jimi Hendrix tribute.