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Thread: Help Save the Psycho House

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    Default Help Save the Psycho House

    Help Save the Psycho House - Dread Central

    We don't know about you cats, but we're still pretty bummed that Universal got rid of the JAWS exhibit at its theme park. It was a heavy blow to endure, but now it seems that another iconic bit of history is falling on hard times... the Psycho house.

    From the official Save The Psycho House Petition website:

    "THE PSYCHO HOUSE," as it has come to be known, was constructed in 1959 on the Universal backlot for ALFRED HITCHCOCK's most famous film and the grandaddy to all modern horror movies, "PSYCHO" (1960). The house was home to "Norman Bates" and his overbearing "Mother" and stood menacingly on the hill behind the "Bates Motel."

    Over the years the house has made hundreds of appearances in Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Music Videos and even Cartoons! So much so that the "Californian Gothic" house itself is now as famous the movie it featured in and has become an iconic piece of movie history.

    Through the years the house has had several upgrades (It went from being just a two sided facade to three then four and finally it was given a roof to top it off!) and has gone through at least two renovations and twice it moved location completely!

    Sadly, however, it has been over a decade since the Hollywood legend last had a nip 'n tuck or a fresh slap of powder and paint, and the old girl is starting to look her age... Visitors to the house today will see evidence of warped, rotting timber... Gaping holes in the woodwork with large sections of missing planks of wood... Decorative woodwork damaged and some sections missing completely from around the porch... Shingles rotten, damaged and missing from the roof... All in all it's not a pretty sight, and if something is not done soon to help stop the decay, we feel it may pass a critical point of no return!

    We urge UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD to listen to our pleas to undertake a complete and total restoration of the building and in the process preserve an iconic piece of Hollywood history.

    Save the greatest surviving movie set in the world... SAVE THE PSYCHO HOUSE!

    If you're in agreement, please take a moment to SIGN THE PETITION!

    Read more: Help Save the Psycho House - Dread Central
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    One of those reality shows that does house restorations should take this up.

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