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Thread: Introducing, from Japan: 9GOATS BLACK OUT

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    Default Introducing, from Japan: 9GOATS BLACK OUT

    I recently discovered, by accident (or luck), this cool band from Japan: 9Goats Black Out.

    Their music is evocative of, but not derivative or imitative of,
    Nirvana, The Cure, Rush and even Pink Floyd, with some occasional 90s metal touches.

    They are excellent musicians from Niigata, who dress in the colorful, cross-gendered "visual kei" style when performing.

    But I'm not that big on visual style myself, focusing on music, primarily, as I always have.

    Every time I hear them, they pull me closer.
    They got me.
    I am a fan now.

    I grew up in the Classic Rock era (70s), and they suit my ears just fine.

    They are (were) great live, too.

    Only problem is, they broke up up early this year.

    Here are 3 representative songs by 9Goats Black Out:



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