[nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNDaOFQ6g2I&feature=player_embedded"]YouTube - Iron Sky Teaser 3 - We Come In Peace![/nomedia]

IRON SKY's latest teaser promo is Udolicious!
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Hey folks, Harry here... As IRON SKY keeps creeping closer and closer to reality - it's starting to look like a whole lot of fun, don't you think? Nothing like Nazis on the Dark Side of the moon with crazy future tech to take over the world! I wonder if they found that stash of Decepticon mech that's apparently up there? Or whatever is going on in Timur's flick. All that said, what's up with all the sudden filmic fear mongering about Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon? They've nearly got me convinced that we should pull a SPACE: 1999 on that hunka rock!