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Thread: Maybe the Funniest Thing I have ever read.....

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    Default Maybe the Funniest Thing I have ever read.....

    The year was 1999, or 2000, not sure but trust me it was before 2002. Anyhow I had met a young asian lady online and went to some city in LA to meet her as we had a lot of mutual interests. We had planned to both meet and then each write about the meeting from our own perspective and try to submit it somewhere for publication. We met at some tex mex place and shared a pitcher of margaritas and after that things got hazy. Long story short we exchanged reading lists that I had saved to my Yahoo Notepad. I had long forgotten about the whole scenario until the other day when I found the list. One of her books was by David Sedaris who I am vaguely familiar with in that some either love or hate him. I picked up a book from the library and found his writing style very amusing and in particular the following chapter that may have been the funniest thing I have ever read in my life. Not since the first couple of chapters of "A Confederacy of Dunces" had I laughed out loud reading. Note that it is NSFW which these days generally conveys images of scantily clad women or grossly obese men, as a matter of fact; as far as a plainly written 10 pt arial font goes this may be the first time a NSFW has been applied to an article with no jpgs or gifs whatsoever. But I enjoyed it and hope you do as well. Sadly this is just an excerpt and I couldnt find the entire chapter but trust me its worth seeking out.

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