Hey everyone!

I have been posting on this board for a number of years and attending Frozen Fury for a while... going to games... being insane. Some of you have bumped into be at the Penalty Box and heard my cheers and had NO IDEA I was on this board. But, I wanted to let you know about a comedy show I run called Quote Unquote at the Hollywood Improv Lab. I have been running it for a year and a half and we are just starting to tour and get out there, and if you like comedy, I would LOVE your support!

The premise of the show is, the cast tells true stories inspired by a famous quote. We have a variety of TV personalities, comics, writers and normal folks join us and the show is killer.

You can check some stuff out at www.quoteunquoteshow.com and also on Facebook.

Would love the support. Maybe one day we can do a show based around the Kings!