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Thread: 1/27/10 Apple Keynote - iPad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Taco View Post
    More or less, yes, I'm buying it as a reader with additional benefits. I was considering the Kindle DX ($489) or Nook ($259). Since I use iTunes, buying an iPad ($499) over the Kindle DX is an obvious choice. However, FBJ's recent Nook review as well as other reviews made it harder for me to finalize my choice.

    I'm selling my iPhone because I mostly use for web browsing, email, IM, and PDF/ebook reading. I need email, IM, and GPS when I'm on the go, so a used Blackberry will do the job.

    I also read that it works as a photo display when it's docked. I was considering buying a Sony digital frame, and the iPad serves that purpose well.

    Okay. Let's say that your reasons are acceptable, there ARE NOT a million+ people in this world that share your reasoning behind those moves. There ARE a million++ people that will buy it "just because" and that's where the bulk of sales will come from.

    And the six different flavors is another thing that bugs me. They should have created 2 flavors of the iPad (if they insisted on having even TWO): 1 WI-FI model and 1 WI-FI/3G model. Both have 16GBs of internal storage and both have an SDHC card slot that is capable of reading/writing to SDXC cards. The SDXC format is spec'd to go up to 2TBs of removable storage. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by From SD Card Association Site
    The SD Association is working with Microsoft and Apple to ensure widespread support for SDXC as quickly and easily as possible.
    Huh. The iPad and the iPhone would be the perfect vehicles for such "widespread support." But considering the iPad's lack of such expansion (if you don't count it's silly read-only SD card adapter, which may not even support SDXC), I'm doubting highly the next iPhone will have one either.

    Side note about the SDXC format and Apple: Sure Apple put SDHC card slots on the last revision of the MacBook Pros, but only on the 13" and 15" models. Again, for a company promising to help expand a format, putting it in a device that Apple is anticipating consumers of all walks of life would be purchasing would seem ideal. Anyway...

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    Interesting, and I was on the list for one of the first 1's shipping. But then again, this is Apple.

    Apple iPad Shortcomings Spark Questions About Updates - Yahoo! News

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