First, let me give you the house wide set up I have. Its probably more information than whats needed for my question but I just as soon cover as much as I can early in my request as to keep further queries for info to a minimum. It is:

Slimline 5, SL5K4NR0-02

HD Receivers:
1ea, HR24-500 in my main TV Room. (60" LCD) Closest to the DTV installed Splitter (<6') and to the Dish (<10') This is the problem rcvr.
1ea, HR24-100 in my master bedroom (46" LCD)
1ea, H23-600 in my garage (36" LCD)

Standard Receivers:
2ea, D11-100 in my daughters room (24" LED) and in the loft/gym (36" LED)

All receivers are autonomous. They are not connected to each other in any way other than the signal coax coming from the DTV installed splitter. .

They are not connected to a phone system as I do not have a LAN Line at home anymore.

Anyway, lately and every couple of days, I get this horrendous noise coming out of the tv speakers when I tune the HD/DVR receiver (HR24-500) to a HD channel from a Standard channel. It only happens to that HD receiver. It doesnt happen to the other HD/DVR, HD or SD receivers. Im trying to think of a sound/noise to compare it to but i cant. The best I could describe it would be the sound a digital cat would make purring really, really loud. Or if someone could roll a "S", like you would roll a "RRRRRRRR" when you would speak Spanish. The only way i can (temporarily) get rid of it is by pushing the reset button on the receiver located next to the card slot on the left. And then I get to sit thru 10 minutes of sys check and crap. It also does it when I have something set to record and when the TV proper, is off. It happened yesterday with the game.

Its starting to happen now every other day so I decided to call DTV troubleshooting about it this morning. Well after 50 minutes of being on hold, I gave up.

Any clue as to what it may be? My sat signal is pretty close to spot on at between 95-99 on all transponders (32 @ 101 deg). Ive shut off Dolby Digital and Special Effects on the receiver...just in case. Thats not it.

Im at a loss. I really dont want to swap out HDDVRs. This one has all last seasons playoff games, SCF, post game parade, 30 for 30, Summer of Stan...EVERYTHING on it. :(