This article is a good non biased story about the false sense of security is the Mac OS. Making Sense of the Snow Leopard Security Debate - Network World

Also I was at a SMB Nation computer event this last week and one of the guys brought up an interesting topic about something flying around the Black Hat hacking convention this year. Mac OS is the new Target. Hackers are going to start targeting Mac OS and it was in agreement across the convention floor. So this new, yet basic function in Mac OS 10.6 is probably a reaction to the Black Hat convention.

As I have mentioned it might be a good idea to start looking for Anti Virus software for Mac. that is unless of course you enjoy getting caught with your pants down.

I know Mac users are going to wash this off like they always do, but Mac's are now the target. Macs have a 9% market share and steadily growing. This is not an I told you so nor am I not trying to scare people away from Mac I am just warning you that you will start having to look into security software for Mac.