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Thread: Linux on a Playstation 3?

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    Lightbulb Linux on a Playstation 3?

    Hey all, I just bought a Playstation 3 so I could play some Modern Warfare 3. I convinced the wife that there would be games for her and our son to play, as well as the useful BlueRay player and Netflix, ect....

    The first thing my wife asks when I get it set up, "Can you get Super Mario Bros 3 for me?"

    ...But wait, (Here's where this turns from a GAMER Forum post to a TECH Forum post), I told here there just might be a way.

    Linux to the rescue?

    I want to install Ubuntu on my PS3.
    That way I can run a NES emulator, I already have the SMB3 ROM, and the wife can help Mario find the warp whistle behind the boulder in Level 2.

    My question to the LGK tech people...Have any of you tried this?
    If so:
    Software/Hardware issues?

    Any help from people who've experienced installing a second OpSys on their Playstation, before I dive in and start partitioning hard drives and what not, would be extremely helpful!

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    I have installed Linux on quite a few devices, but not a PS3.

    Here is a link I found after a quick search. its for a NES emulator on PS3.

    How to play NES games on your PS3 - GAMER.BLORGE

    With that said, you may be able to find another java based emulator for NES64. I would avoid flashing the PS3 though. Its notoriously one of the hardest consoles to homebrew. You would be better off finding a Wii or a 360 on eBay and hacking that.
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