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Thread: My home computer is running S...L...O...W It needs a "tune up" I guess?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Ludwig View Post
    What would you recommend for the best free firewall out there??? I just gave up on Zone Alarm as it was causing problems... BTW...I'm still holding on to Win2000...
    Free? Sorry, you get what you pay for. I use Norton 360 and I get a 100% clean bill of health from Gibson Research: ----> Shields Up!

    PS -- don't try McAfee's 10-in-1 protection suite with a PC running MS Windows Vista O/S ..... it'll crash on installation and cause your PC to go into an endless reboot cycle.

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    1. Open Internet Explorer, Click TOOLS. Click OPTIONS. Click DELETE TEMP INTERNET FILES. When that's finished after about 5 minutes click DELETE COOKIES. You'll have to renter all your passwords for sites like LGK so make sure you have them written down (or heck, they'll e-mail you your password if necessary).

    2. Uninstall Windows Media Player 11 if you have it installed (it's a memory/video card/bandwidth hog .... a huge hog). It will rollover back to MP 10 which doesn't have the little pretty pictures of all the albums but at least loads immediately (and isn't a hog!!!!!).

    3. Defrag the hard drive.

    4. Free anti-virus programs I recommend: Ad Aware SE Personal from LavaSoft and SpyBot.
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    If you don't mind re-installing the programs you use, re-installing Windows usually does wonders for me. You won't lose data, but you'll have to re-install your programs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fooferah View Post
    The only thing I hate about AVG is that you can't control when it scans. It just scans every time you boot up, and you can't schedule anything.
    Not true at all.
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