Whassup my peoples?

I know just enough about computers to get me in trouble. I like to learn and solve problems on my own, however I think I could use some help with this.

OK, here's the situation: Years ago, I built my pc using 2 x 74GB WD raptors in a Raid 0 configuration. (I was into gaming at the time.) Raid is going through Windows XP drivers, not the (asus) motherboard bridge. It appears that one of the hard drives is starting to malfunction.

I no longer have installation discs for any of the software on the computer. (Windows XP, Office, CS, etc.) Before you ask, all the software on computer is legit (purchased at full price or academic version when I was in school.) I just think my ex threw them out accidentally during a move.

Not sure if I am using the right terminology, but I would like to mirror/carbon copy the operating system and all the data on the Raid 0 config, and move it over to one hard drive and boot from the single hard drive. (Sata I guess, although I have a few IDE hard drives collecting dust.) I have lots of pictures, data ,software that I do not want to lose in the transition.

Any suggestions on what to use to make this as easy as possible? I poked around on Tom's Hardware and other sites, and the issues seems to be whether the new copy will recognize the raid drivers among other things.

-edited to add that the current set up is running fine 99% of the time. Just trying to be pro-active and avoid a problem before it happens.

If anyone does computer repair and is confident they could handle this, feel free to pm me with your price.