I am responding a little late but...we use Cyber Patrol in my house.

Family Web Filtering Software for Internet Safety | CyberPatrol

It gives you a report of every website your child has visited and how long they spent on each website. It has a lot of controls as to which websites they can visit and what programs they can use. You can limit individual websites, types of websites or only allow programs, games or websites to be accessed according to a time/day calender that you create. You can also place limits on IM and chat.

My son was complaining that it would not allow him to view paintball guns because it considered too violent for the setting that I had setup.

In addition to using Cyber Patrol, I have also setup my sons e-mail so that a copy of every e-mail that he receives is forwarded to me.

I use these tools lightly. I spot check the cyber patrol rarely. I use it mostly to control the time he is online or playing games. I do not want him to feel like he has no freedom. But I also want him to know that he is not yet an adult. By the way my son just turned 14.