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Thread: TV/Internet for the Tech-Challenged

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    Default TV/Internet for the Tech-Challenged

    OK, please bear with me, as I understand this is a long and complicated set of questions. I have not owned a TV for about 8 years. With the end of the lockout, I would like to purchase one. I'm not sure whether I should also get internet bundled in with the TV plan or just use my existing WiFi connection. At the moment I have nothing - no TV, no cable, no satellite, no land line phone. There are so many plans/offers out there with each of them claiming theirs is the best.. I can't make sense of them.

    I currently use Clear for wireless internet. I had been using Verizon, but with the overages it was just ridiculous. The Verizon 4G LTE was only marginally faster in my area and Clear was four times cheaper so I switched. However neither service was fast enough to watch a streaming hockey game online without jerkiness. So I'm looking for more speed and unlimited data.

    Should I get Time Warner Cable or AT&T Uverse bundled with Internet and dump Clear, or should I go with DirectTV and keep Clear? Or is there some other service you would recommend? I am definitely not well versed in all the technobabble, so I get lost trying to decipher all the specifications. Obviously, the goal is to watch Kings hockey in HD. I would also like to have a DVR of some sort so I could watch replays of home games.

    Finally, the room I'm putting the TV is quite small, so I'm thinking around 40-42" max. What type should I be looking at? I don't want 3D or anything. What are the important specs for a pleasant hockey-watching experience?

    ANY help you could give would be greatly appreciated!

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    There's so many factors it's almost impossible to help.
    I assume you have a budget but it must be a flexible one if you are considering a TV/Mancave aspect
    The service itself you can go several ways, but are you in LA or will you need something like Center Ice or GameCenter to watch games?
    As for the service, check the promo's, I also didn't have cable/sat for over a year, just did Netflix. Then Cable company offered me half price on internet to also get basic cable so I switched and now have cable again. (my internet bill was cut in half, and i got cable for free)
    Lots of research ahead of you. Good luck.

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