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Thread: I want to start playing but...

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    I'd be down for a practice. That would be cool.

    A-ha. So thats why they have us sign those forms AFTER the LGK games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylar View Post
    -I never really quite got hockey stopping down.
    Ask for a shallow hollow (9/16" or shallower) when getting your skates sharpened.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sylar View Post
    -I don't have money for lessons.
    Type the following into YouTube's search box and check out all the free videos you can watch (and practice on ice or dry-land):

    "USA hockey stickhandling drills"

    "ice hockey skating"

    Quote Originally Posted by chu gar View Post
    My deal is I'm afraid I'll get hurt, and I don't have any insurance that will cover me if I get hurt outside of work, like aflac or something like that. Any recommendations?
    Barring some amazing full-speed collision (with someone who can really boogie on skates), the worst injury a novice is likely to get is a concussion or tooth damage when they fall and hit their head on the ice or boards (and the lower jaw suddenly decelerates into the upper jaw). Such tooth or brain damage is easily avoided by wearing a good, custom mouth guard (and, NO, wearing a full cage is no substitute for this).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jammer06 View Post
    One other recommendation, wear kneepads at public skates, it will increase your confidence to get closer to the edge and actually learn something.
    And hockey gloves .... when you fall (and you/we will), nothing kills your motivation to try difficult skating maneuvers more than the pain of hyper-extended thumbs and fingers.

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