Watching this Dustin Brown hit to the head of Jason Pominville of the Minnesota Wild on Tuesday night, one question comes to mind: How did they miss it?

How did two referees and two linesmen miss the Los Angeles Kings captain sending his elbow (or slightly above it) into the noggin of the onrushing Pominville, who didnít return to the game after the hit?
Michael Russo of the Star Tribune didnít mince words:
Brown, who amazingly has never been suspended, does this time and time again and somehow gets away with it. I was told today by a league source that he came ďvery closeĒ to getting suspended for what I thought was a very dirty elbow on Dallasí Antoine Roussel two nights ago.
Weíll see if he gets away this one. He didnít brace himself. He swung his elbow sneakily into Pominvilleís face, and even though Yeo didnít provide a report postgame with the dreaded ďCĒ word, it sure looked like it. Frankly, and maybe one reason why Yeo was restrained after the game, the Wild probably doesnít want L.A.ís captain suspended. The Kings play in Detroit on Wednesday.
Should the NHL give Brown a suspension?
Hereís the Roussel hit from Sundayís game against the Stars:

From LA Kings Insider, hereís Brown:
ďI havenít seen it yet, but I had the puck on my stick. Heís coming to hit me. Iím just bracing myself. Almost the reverse. I donít know. Like I said, I havenít seen it.Ē
Even though the Wild would prefer to see him in the lineup against Detroit, itís hard to imagine Brown avoiding suspension for that hit on Pominville. Itís reckless.