Professional athletes have to be very careful when playing the endorsement game. If a company is paying top dollar to have an NHL player use a certain stick, skate or energy drink, best that they use them during the game.
Which is why no one in the NHL is apparently talking about their magic underwear.
That’s the theory from Christine Day, CEO of yoga-pants maker Lululemon. According to Canadian Business, she told a Toronto Region Board of Trade luncheon this month that NHL stars are wearing her company’s new boxer briefs but can’t discuss it because of their sponsorship deals:
Day told reporters after the luncheon that Lululemon started sending out free samples to teams after hearing that some players were into their ginch. The company then surveyed the teams involved "and they told us that they loved the Lululemon underwear," Day said.
Day wouldn't name any specific players who wear the shorts-she said she didn't want to get them in trouble with their sponsors-so we really only have the company's word to go on here.
The Game On Brief is the item Day was discussing, which exists so “when we're practicing our slam-dunk we don't worry about bouncing junk.” We imagine the same goes for hockey, so when you slide down to shot block, you don’t worry about a bouncing ... puck.
Obviously, we hope more about this quasi-endorsement comes to light, in the sense that we’re all wondering if Lululemon comes in Chara sizes. Meanwhile, we at Puck Daddy are diligently working to secure yoga pants sponsorship in case Mooney ever decides to make a sequel to “Call The Union.”