In 2010, Kaspars Daugavins of the Ottawa Senators scored a shootout goal in the AHL that shocked the hockey world: He put the nose of his blade on top of the puck and skated into the offensive zone, before performing a 360-degree spin-o-rama to beat Hamilton Bulldogs goalie Robert Mayer. The move went viral; Daugavins became a sensation.
On Monday night, in a shootout against the Boston Bruins, Daugavins unleashed the move again. Was it successful against Tuukka Rask? More salient question: Do you read headlines?

Impressive flash of the pad there from Rask. The NHL officially called it a “backhand” in its play by play of the game, for the record.
Rask and the Bruins won the game, 3-2.
For comparison’s sake, here’s Daugavins’s AHL shootout attempt from Oct. 2010.