On Thursday night, Los Angeles Kings fans didnít seem to appreciate the stoppage in play as Colorado Avalanche rookie goalie Sami Aittokallio was unable to stand up in the third period of a tie game.

So itís not cheering an injury for an opposing player, but itís somewhere near as shameful.
Aittokallio was pulled from his first NHL start in the third due to a leg cramp, replaced by J.S. Giguere. He made 12 of 12 saves in relief but was beaten by Jeff Carter, Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar in the shootout for a 3-2 loss, pushing Coloradoís tragic number to two. And by "tragic number," we of course mean ďVEGAS BABY VEGAS!Ē
Back to the Kings fans: One assumes many of the booing fans thought this was some kind of crafty delay tactic by the Avalanche in order to break the moment of a power play in a tie game. Or that they booed a stoppage in play without knowing it was an injury to the netminder.
Whatever the case, Kings fans were filleted on social media for their actions.
Like here:
Kings fans boo a 20yr old goalie who could have at worst, pulled his ACL. Disgusting pathetic people
ó Aarif Mohie El-Deen (@DailyNHLGrind) April 12, 2013
And here:
Yes Kings fans, boo the injured player. Because that's what classy fans do now. ó Aaron Musick (@Avalangelist) April 12, 2013
And here:
The #Kings fans would even boo their own team if someone got hurt. #heylafansyousuckandsodoesyourteam!
ó Dan Levey (@danlevey1) April 12, 2013