When someone writes that Tyler Myers’ name is “out there” for a trade, it speaks to the bloody carcass that are the Buffalo Sabres, with the vulture circling. But not necessarily a desire to move him.
It’s hard to imagine GM Darcy Regier actively shopping Myers; it’s equally hard to imagine Regier would be allowed to make such a deal as what we all assume (hope?) is a lame duck GM.
Yet here’s Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal, puttin’ it out there:
“What’s happened to this guy? He’s six-foot-eight, he can move the puck. He doesn’t look anything like the player of a couple of years ago,” said one former NHL coach who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Myers is a shell of his former Calder-winning self. His play is better than it was early in the season, but it’s only a ‘C’ on most report cards. His name is certainly out there for trade, but with six years and $33 million left on his deal, he’s a financially risky pickup.
That said, the same former NHL coach stated, “I’m sure 29 other teams would like to take a run at him, figuring he just needs to be somewhere else. You know how it is.”
As Dave Davis notes, Myers has turned his season around after a rocky start. That might just be the Ron Rolston Effect, of course.
I like Myers. I like him at $5.5 million against the cap. But sometimes contracts cement reputations, and setting Myers as a franchise cornerstone might not have been the best move for either the player or the Buffalo Sabres.