Attending a televised sporting events is like going to the bank: there are cameras everywhere, and if you do something you shouldn't, there's a good chance it's been filmed. It's for that reason that I try to keep my fingers out of my nose. You just never know.
It's a lesson this young Predators fan will probably learn, right around the time he sees himself picking and eating some nose gold on a highlight package tomorrow morning:
Ah, boogers. So salty. So taboo.
It pained me to see him eat it, and not just because that's, you know, disgusting. It's because my other rule is to avoid eating foods that make me look foolish. Sloppy foods, mainly, but it also applies to things found in one's nose that most folks don't consider food.
This guy broke all the rules, is what I'm saying. And Something tells me that this isn't the sort of Performance Moment Bridgestone had in mind.
S/t to Melanie.